Getting Started

BPO done your way.

Covenir will handle your operational needs, so you can focus on the ‘core’. There are three ways you can get started using our BPO services. Choose your strategy – how to optimize and leverage BPO.





1. Complete BPO Services

  • We’ll take on 100% of your daily transaction support
  • Priced per policy per year, predictable costs
  • Reduces your staffing needs
  • Built in redundancy and DR programs
  • We’ll provide ‘best practices’ and solutions to your challenges
  • Lets you focus on your priorities

2. Temporary or Disaster Recovery – have Covenir just take on a portion of your transactional support

  • Examples:
    • First Notice of Loss intake
    • Print and distribution
    • Covenir’s lockbox facility

3. Trial Period or a la Carte Services – Short term and project support, volume overflow protection

  • Customer service:
    • Peak volume coverage – calls overflow to our team when your team is busy
    • Extended hours – for example, we cover your lines from 5-8PM
  • Risk mitigation; disaster recovery
  • Staffing challenges – let us cover when your team is short staffed
  • Short term assignments such as book roles, new lines, etc
  • Scale for potential growth – not sure what your staffing needs will be and don’t want to hire?  Let us do the work!

Covenir’s BPO services are an extension of your business. Click here to contact us and learn more about our offerings.

Lockbox Price Challenge.

Take the Covenir Challenge and let us beat or match your lock box service pricing. Along with the best lock box price, we guarantee improvements of service. Click here for more lockbox information or here to contact us for more information.